gCAD3D 2.40
AText Struct Reference

text or image or tag or label; Typ_ATXT, Typ_Tag More...

#include <ut_geo.h>

Data Fields

Point p1
Point p2
char * txt
short xSiz
short ySiz
float scl
char aTyp
char col
char ltyp

Detailed Description

text or image or tag or label; Typ_ATXT, Typ_Tag

* p1 Textblock-/Imageposition (left middle)
* p2 Startpoint leaderline
* typ 0=Text, 1=Image, 2=Tag, 3=Balloon 4=PointCoord
* 5=Symbol SYM_STAR_S (Stern klein) 6=Symbol SYM_TRI_S (Dreieck klein)
* 7=Symbol SYM_CIR_S (Kreis klein) 8=SYM_TRI_B (Viereck)
* 9=Vector (normalized) 10=Vector (true length)
* 11=Arrowhead (normalized)
* txt Text or ImageFilename; none: noteindex
* scl Image: Scale
* xSiz, ySiz Image, Tag: size of image / tag in pixels
* Balloon: xSiz=stringLength
* col color of Label; -1=no Label
* ltyp Linetyp Leaderline; -1=no Leaderline.

Field Documentation

Point AText::p1
Point AText::p2
char* AText::txt
short AText::xSiz
short AText::ySiz
float AText::scl
char AText::aTyp
char AText::col
char AText::ltyp

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