gCAD3D 2.35
AP_STAT Struct Reference

#include <xa.h>

Data Fields

int errLn
short sysStat
short errStat
unsigned batch:1
unsigned texture:1
unsigned build:1
unsigned APP_stat:1
unsigned TUT_stat:1
unsigned jntStat:1
unsigned debStat:1
unsigned iActStat:1
unsigned tstDllStat:1
unsigned mdl_modified:1
unsigned mdl_box_valid:1
unsigned uuBits:21
char subtyp

Detailed Description

sysStat: 1=starting (GUI up); 2=initialize done (openGL up);
errStat: 0=Ok, no Error
errLn: SourceLineNr where Error occured
batch: 0=interaktiv, 1=Batchmode.
texture 0=no, hardware does not accept textures; 1=Yes, Ok.
build Compile,Linker not checked/not available; 1=available.
APP_stat: 0=mainActive; 1=<APP_act_nam> (plugin) active.
subtyp: 0=VRML1, 1=VRML2
jntStat: 0=unInitilized, 1=open (DBFile <tmp>/joints)
debStat: 0=normal (debug off); 1=debug_ON
tstDllStat 0=normal (OFF); 1=testdll_ON
iActStat 0=normal, 1=Interactivity_ON

Field Documentation

int AP_STAT::errLn
short AP_STAT::sysStat
short AP_STAT::errStat
unsigned AP_STAT::batch
unsigned AP_STAT::texture
unsigned AP_STAT::build
unsigned AP_STAT::APP_stat
unsigned AP_STAT::TUT_stat
unsigned AP_STAT::jntStat
unsigned AP_STAT::debStat
unsigned AP_STAT::iActStat
unsigned AP_STAT::tstDllStat
unsigned AP_STAT::mdl_modified
unsigned AP_STAT::mdl_box_valid
unsigned AP_STAT::uuBits
char AP_STAT::subtyp

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