gCAD3D 2.35
gCAD3D naming conventions


 A functionname can have this parts:

FNC-Groups: UT2D
            UTI UTP
            UTX MEM ..
            UME ..
output:     pt ln ...
            entfaellt bei Testfunktionen - sofort Functyp ck od comp
Functyp     int proj ..
input       pt 2pt  ..

<outputObjs> / <inputObjs> ------------------------------------

 pt    Point, Typ_PT
 npt   table of points = PointArray = Polygon; was pta
 inpt  indexed polygon (index table to table of points)
 vc    Vector, Typ_VC
 vc1   Vector with length=1 (normalized)
 ln    Line, Typ_LN
 nln   array of Lines, Typ_LN
 plg   CurvPoly, Typ_CVPOL, Polygon with parameterTable
 polc  (closed Polygon)
 ci    Circ; Typ_CI, ac,  trimmed-circle
 ell   CurvElli, Typ_CVELL, Ellipse
 pl    Plane, Typ_PLN; Ebene.
 sph   Sphere, Typ_SPH, Kugel.
 bez   CurvBez, Typ_CVBEZ, Bezier-curve.
 clt   CurvClot, Typ_CVCLOT, clothoid-curve.
 cbsp  CurvBSpl, Typ_CVBSP, B-Spline-Curve; was bspl
 ccon  Conic-Curve; hyperbola|parabola.
 pspl  Typ_CVPSP3, Polynom.Spline.
 bnd   boundary; curve, closed.
 cv crv   curve, linear object; LN,CI,EL,CV
 cvp   polygon (points only)
 cvtrm trimmed (limited) curve Typ_CVTRM
 ncv   Array of curves;  was cva
 sur   Surface (all types)
 sru   RuledSurface, Typ_SURRU.
 srv   RevolvedSurface, Typ_SURRV.
 sbsp  SurBSpl, Typ_SURBSP, B-SplineSurface.
 spu   Surf-planar-unperforated;  spp Surf-planar-perforated.
 sus   SurStd, StandardSurface.
 Tes   tesselated surface (openGlSurface)
 box   Box Tri (box besser -> bbox (boundingBox))
 tria  Triangle
 rbox  rectangleBox; Viereck)
 edg   Edge (Kante)
 fac   Fac3, Typ_Fac3: Face; 3 int's (pointIndices)
 -"-   FacNf  Face with its NeigbourFaces
 msh   Typ_SURMSH, Mesh
 mdr   ReferenceModel Ditto
 mdb   BasicModel

 ox   Complex-Object                     ObjGX
 oid  ObjectID                           string       (of DB-object eg "P20")
 onam object-name                        string (eg: onam="height" for oid=V20)
 ccv  Concatenated-Curve (ObjGX)
 crv  linear object; LN,CI,EL,CV ..      typ+struct
 sur  planimetric obj; plane, surf       typ+struct
 obj,ost  object-structure; any object   typ+struct
 dbo  DB-object; any obj                 typ+dbInd
 ato  atomic-object; any obj             austyp/austab (int/double)
 src  Source-object (text)

Line = linesegment (2 points, both sides limited (lnLL)
Ray  = 1 point and 1 vector; limited on one side (lnLU).
       both sides unlimited  (lnUU) ?

 side     side (before behind above below), int
 sidPerp  side  before or behind perpendic. Line/Plane
 par    parameter, native (eg knotValue) or normalized (0-1)
 par1   parameter, normalized (0-1)
 parvc  parameter of point on vector
 parln  parameter of point on line
 parci  parameter of point on circ
 parbsp (parameter of point on B-SplineCurve)
 parsbsp (parameter of point on B-SplineSurface)
 len   (length)       slen (signed length)
 sr    sense of rotation
 ar    Area
 angr  Angle-Radians
 angd  Angle-Degrees
 rd    Radius
 bp    BackPlane; XY, XZ, ZY
 hbp   Hoehenwert einer BackPlane
 gcp   gravity-center-point (Schwerpunkt)

 clo     closed (curve, surface)
 cyc     cyclic, passing endpoint / startpoint, not ending at endpoint
 rev     reverse, not forward
 perp    Orthogonal (Normal)
 par     parallel
 on      auf
 in      zwischen between
 equ     identisch
 norm    normieren
 div     teilen (divide)
 orient  ausrichten

<Functyp> ------------------------------------
  cpy     copy
  sub     subtract
  mult    multiply
  ev      evaluate (parameter)
  perp    perpendicular = senkrecht/lotrecht/normal   nor
  int     intersect
  ipl     interpolate
  lim     limits (endpoints), limited
  unl(im) unlimited
  dec     decode
  find    find
  prj     Projektion proj
  inv     invertieren (umdrehen)
  cnvt    convert
  mir     mirror gespiegelt
  rot     drehen, verdreht
  tr tra  Translation
  trk     Translation kartesisch (x, y);
  trv     Translation Vectoriell (vector, length);
  trp     Translation polar (angle, length);
  tri     Triangle, Dreiecksberechnung
  tng     Tangente, tangential
  std     Standard (characteristic-points,)

        Keine Funktionsangabe bei Umwandlungen
        get, set, init ..
        ins, del       (insert)
        ck      = allg. Testfunktionen
        fix     = allgem. Korrekturen
        len     = Laengenberechnung,   lenq = SquareLen (len*len)
                  slen=signed len, nlen =lenght of a normal ..

 mem   memory-space, struct Memspc
 str   (string, terminiert mit \0)
 strLF (string, terminiert mit LF !)
 ind   index (int, long)
 db    = doublezahl            ndb     = table of doubles
 i     int4;                   ni      = table of int4
 m2    3x2-Matrix;
 m3    4x3-Matrix;
 m4    4x4-Matrix;

    werden ex Src ausgeblendet mit
    #ifdef globTag
       int XXX_test_xxx ()  {}

 0 (meistens !) OK
>0 OK mit Zusatzinfo
<0 Error mit Zusatzinfo

1.char: typ i=int d=double t=text
            p=PT v=VC c=CI l=LN s=Curv o=ObjGX m=Memspc 
2.char: Datentypinfo; kann beim DefaultTyp fehlen.
        DefaultTyp fuer int=i4, double=d8, char=t1
        p=pointer d=data <ziffer>=size f=function
3.-  Beschreibung; der erste Character ist Uppercase !
 int    i1, *ip1,  iNr;   short  i2Typ (Int-2Byte)
 double d1, *dp1,  dSum;
 char   t1, *tp1,  tdBuf1[256]