gCAD3D 2.40


Direct-Messages             display text
Standard-Messages           messages, identified by a keyword
Constant-Messages           messages; identified by integers (../xa/xa_msg.h)
System-Messages             messages; keyword, languages
Logfile                     write log-messages into file, display file
See also Debugging

Files: xa_msg.c Application-Messages, Standard-Messages, Constant-Messages xa_msg.h integer-constants for Constant-Messages ../../doc/msg/msg_*.txt message-files

Tools for manipulating the language-files:
save the lang.files: ./lang_save.csh
edit files:          ./lang_ed.csh
find a keyword:      ./lang_find.csh keyWd 
modify keyword       /mnt/serv1/Linux/bin/changeall old new files
modify line          ./lang_line keyWd "line words .."
delete Line          ./lang_del.csh keyWd
insert Line          ./lang_ins.csh keyWd_before new line words ..


  • display text in text-window (under grafic-window)
  • no translation
ut_ui_TX.c         TX_* messages
TX_Error display message and raise error ../xa/ut_ui_TX.c
GUI_Tx_rmLast remove last messageline


UT3D_stru_dump dump struct -> debug-window
DBO_dump__ dump DB-object -> debug-window
UTO_dump__ dump ObjGX + Inhalt
UTO_dump_s_ dump ObjGX - structured display
tess_dump_f_ dump tesselated (sizeRec, Typ_GL_Sur-Recs ..)
UI_dump_obj dump DB-object into file & display with browser
UTO_dump_obj dump struct -> UT3D_stru_dump
AP_obj_analyze replace by UT3D_stru_dump (see IE_analyz__)
UME_dump disp. fre space of Memspc
GR_Disp_pTab disp. temp. obj
UTF_dump__ disp. memory (sourcetext Alt shift s)
DB_dump_stat disp DB-statistics (Alt shift o)
APT_dump_itab dump EditorLine->DL-Hilfsliste
AP_dump_statPg dump active subModel, active lineNr
DB_dump_ModBas dump Basemodels (Alt shift m)
DB_dump_ModRef dump Submodels (Alt shift r)
DB_dump__ dump DB
DL_DumpObjTab Dump DL (Alt D (shift d!))
GA_dump__ Dump permanentAttributeList (Alt shift g)
WC_actPos_dump dump NC-Records (Alt shift n)


see also Messages / Direct-Messages
Global Vars:
AP_stat.errStat 0=OK, else nr of errors
TX_Error (../ut/ut_ui_TX.c)
AP_errStat_set // raise / reset error
AP_test__ Testfunction in core; activate by Ctl shift T
exit durch Ctl shift X


Sourcefile: ../ut/ ut_log.c

LOG_A_init set logfilename
LOG_A__ write


  • Messagefiles, different languages (../../doc/msg/msg_en.txt - language is _en) (Languages: _en _de _es _fr _it)
  • find key in message-file
  • can have dynamic parameters ({0})
  • Functions: MSG_pri_0 MSG_pri_1 MSG_get_0 MSG_err_0 MSG_Tip ..
MSG_pri_0 ("CAD_On");
MSG_get_1 (buf, 256, "NOEX_fil", "%s", filnam); // with dynam. parameter
p1 = MSG_get_str ("CADSUR");
How to add new System-Message:

  • add line with {keyCode}={message} into all messagefiles
Fileformat of the messagefile:
  Messagelinelength may not exceed 255 chars
  commentlines: first char #
  dynamic parameters: " {0} " will be replaced with the parameter.
  continuation-lines:  last char \, first char of next line \


Sourcefile: ../xa/ xa_msg.c

  • display message from keyword
  • and display name of calling function with additional parameters

How to add new standard-message:

  • add key in enum ERR_* in ../xa/xa_msg.h
  • add text for key MSG_STD_tab in ../xa/xa_msg.c
#include "../xa/xa_msg.h" // MSG_*
return MSG_STD_ERR (func_not_impl, "/ cvTyp %d", cvTyp);


Sourcefile: ../xa/ xa_msg.c

  • get text from keyword
  • all constant-Messages are in memory

How to add new constant-message:

  • add key into enum in ../xa/xa_msg.h
  • add text into files ../../doc/msg/msg_const_{language}.txt
strcpy(s1, MSG_const__(MSG_cancel)); // "Cancel");


Sourcefile: ../xa/ xa_msg.c