gCAD3D 2.40
ige_w.c File Reference

write iges files More...

#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "../ut/ut_geo.h"
#include "../ut/ut_cast.h"
#include "../ut/ut_ox_base.h"
#include "../ut/ut_txt.h"
#include "../ut/ut_TX.h"
#include "../ut/ut_bspl.h"
#include "../db/ut_DB.h"
#include "../gr/vf.h"
#include "../xa/xa_mem.h"
#include "../xa/xa_sele.h"
#include "../exp/ige.h"

Data Structures

struct  ExpObj
struct  ModPos


#define IG_EntPT   116
#define IG_EntLN   110
#define IG_EntCCV   102
#define IG_EntPOL   106
#define IG_EntPLN   108
#define IG_EntELL   104
#define IG_EntPS   112
#define IG_EntSRU   118
#define IG_EntSRC   122
#define IG_EntSRV   120
#define IG_EntBND   142
#define IG_EntSUR   144
#define IG_EntBS   126
#define IG_EntSBS   128
#define IG_EntCI   100
#define IG_EntTX   212
#define IG_EntMR   408
#define IG_EntMD   308
#define IG_modMax   1000


long IGE_w_124 (Mat_4x3 m1, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
long IGE_w_getPtr (int typ, long ind)
int IGE_defMat (Vector *vc1)
int IGE_w_mat (ObjGX *ox, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_rec (ObjGX *objIn, long TrInd, int apt_typ, long apt_ind, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_obj (ObjGX *ox1, int aptTyp, long aptInd, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_D_Ln (FILE *fp_o1)
int IGE_w_rD (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o1)
int IGE_w_rP (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_subObjs (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_SUR (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_CVCCV (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_MD (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_MR (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_SRC (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_142 (int ibs, int ica, FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_142 (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_144 (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_SRV (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_SBS (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_SRU (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_POL (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_POL2 (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_BS (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_PLN (ObjGX *ox, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_ELL (ObjGX *ox, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_CCV (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_TX (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_P_PS (ObjGX *el, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_rPP (FILE *fp_o2, Point *pt1)
int IGE_w_rPT (FILE *fp_o2, char *txt)
int IGE_w_rP1 (FILE *fp_o2, int mode, int pi, double pd)
int IGE_w_rP_out (FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_rT (FILE *fp_o1, FILE *fp_o2)
int IGE_w_init (FILE *fp_o1)
int IGE_w_savPtr (int typ, long ind)
int IGE_w_dump_expTab ()
int IGE_w_dNr2ind (int DLNr)


static int IG_D_line_nr
static int IG_S_line_nr
static int IG_G_line_nr
static int IG_P_line_nr
static int IG_D_line_mod
static int IG_TypTab []
static int IG_EntTab []
static long IG_TrInd
static int IG_Pa1 [9]
static int IG_Pa2 [9]
static char IGlnD1 [88]
static char IGlnD2 [88]
static int IG_mode =0
static Circ IGE_ci1
static CurvElli IGE_el1
static ExpObjexpTab
static long expTabSiz
static long expNr
static long expInd
static int IG_modNr
static ModPos IG_modTab [IG_modMax]
static int * IG_subObjTab
static int IG_subObjNr

Detailed Description

write iges files

IGE_w_rec wr obj
IGE_w_obj wr obj
IGE_w_124 wr TrMat
IGE_w_D_Ln wr D-Block
IGE_w_rD wr D-Block
IGE_w_rP wr P-Blockline
IGE_w_rPP wr pt in P-line
IGE_w_rPT wr text ("H")
IGE_w_rP1 Add Parameter to P-Line
IGE_w_rP_out wr line
IGE_w_init wr H-block
IGE_w_rT wr T-block, join.
IGE_w_getPtr get iges-ptr of cad-obj
IGE_w_P_MD wr 308. (SubfigDef.)
IGE_w_P_MR wr 408. (SubfigInst.)
IGE_w_P_SRC wr 122 Zylinderflaeche
IGE_w_142 wr 142
IGE_w_P_142 wr 142 CurveOnParametricSurface
IGE_w_P_144 wr 144 Trimmed Parametric Surface
IGE_w_P_SRV wr 120 Revolved Surf
IGE_w_P_SBS wr 128 Rational B-Spline Surface
IGE_w_P_SRU wr 118 RuledSurface
IGE_w_P_POL wr PolygonCurve
IGE_w_P_BS wr bspl-cv
IGE_w_P_PLN wr plane
IGE_w_P_ELL wr ellipse
IGE_w_P_CCV wr CCv - Ent.102
IGE_w_P_PS polynomial curve
IGE_w_subObjs wr all SubObjs
IGE_w_SUR wr SubObjs for 144
IGE_w_CVCCV wr SubObjs for CCV

Macro Definition Documentation

#define IG_EntPT   116
#define IG_EntLN   110
#define IG_EntCCV   102
#define IG_EntPOL   106
#define IG_EntPLN   108
#define IG_EntELL   104
#define IG_EntPS   112
#define IG_EntSRU   118
#define IG_EntSRC   122
#define IG_EntSRV   120
#define IG_EntBND   142
#define IG_EntSUR   144
#define IG_EntBS   126
#define IG_EntSBS   128
#define IG_EntCI   100
#define IG_EntTX   212
#define IG_EntMR   408
#define IG_EntMD   308
#define IG_modMax   1000

Function Documentation

long IGE_w_124 ( Mat_4x3  m1,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
long IGE_w_getPtr ( int  typ,
long  ind 
int IGE_defMat ( Vector vc1)
int IGE_w_mat ( ObjGX ox,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_rec ( ObjGX objIn,
long  TrInd,
int  apt_typ,
long  apt_ind,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_obj ( ObjGX ox1,
int  aptTyp,
long  aptInd,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_D_Ln ( FILE *  fp_o1)
int IGE_w_rD ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o1 
int IGE_w_rP ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_subObjs ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_SUR ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_CVCCV ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_MD ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_MR ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_SRC ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_142 ( int  ibs,
int  ica,
FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_142 ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_144 ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_SRV ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_SBS ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_SRU ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_POL ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_POL2 ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_BS ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_PLN ( ObjGX ox,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_ELL ( ObjGX ox,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_CCV ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_TX ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_P_PS ( ObjGX el,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_rPP ( FILE *  fp_o2,
Point pt1 
int IGE_w_rPT ( FILE *  fp_o2,
char *  txt 
int IGE_w_rP1 ( FILE *  fp_o2,
int  mode,
int  pi,
double  pd 
int IGE_w_rP_out ( FILE *  fp_o2)
int IGE_w_rT ( FILE *  fp_o1,
FILE *  fp_o2 
int IGE_w_init ( FILE *  fp_o1)
int IGE_w_savPtr ( int  typ,
long  ind 
int IGE_w_dump_expTab ( )
int IGE_w_dNr2ind ( int  DLNr)

Variable Documentation

int IG_D_line_nr
int IG_S_line_nr
int IG_G_line_nr
int IG_P_line_nr
int IG_D_line_mod
int IG_TypTab[]
Initial value:
= {
Typ_CVCLOT, -99}
#define Typ_goGeo1
LN/CI/CV/PL/Sur/Sol (nicht PT,VC)
Definition: xa_sele.h:13
#define Typ_PT
P Point.
Definition: AP_types.h:62
#define Typ_CVBSP
S CurvBSpl.
Definition: AP_types.h:76
#define Typ_CVPSP3
S polynom_d3.
Definition: AP_types.h:75
#define Typ_ATXT
N AText (2D-text, tag, bitmap, symbol ..)
Definition: AP_types.h:146
#define Typ_SURBSP
A B_Spline_Surf SurBSpl.
Definition: AP_types.h:103
#define Typ_CVCLOT
S ClothoidCurve (CurvClot)
Definition: AP_types.h:81
#define Typ_CVELL
S CurvElli.
Definition: AP_types.h:78
#define Typ_SubModel
M - basicModel.
Definition: AP_types.h:180
#define Typ_SURRU
A Ruled Surf.
Definition: AP_types.h:100
#define Typ_GTXT
N GText (grafic text)
Definition: AP_types.h:147
#define Typ_LN
L Line.
Definition: AP_types.h:63
#define Typ_CVTRM
S CurvCCV.
Definition: AP_types.h:91
#define Typ_PLN
DB-surfs 40-79.
Definition: AP_types.h:95
#define Typ_CVPOL
S CurvPoly.
Definition: AP_types.h:74
#define Typ_CVPOL2
S CurvPoly-2D.
Definition: AP_types.h:84
#define Typ_Model
M ModelReference of native-subModel ModelRef.
Definition: AP_types.h:181
#define Typ_CI
C Circ.
Definition: AP_types.h:64
#define Typ_SUR
A all surfaces (support-surface, bounded)
Definition: AP_types.h:96
#define Typ_SURRV
A Revolved Surf SurRev.
Definition: AP_types.h:101
int IG_EntTab[]
Initial value:
= {
IG_EntPOL, -99}
#define IG_EntPT
Definition: ige_w.c:242
#define IG_EntSBS
Definition: ige_w.c:255
#define IG_EntSRV
Definition: ige_w.c:251
#define IG_EntTX
Definition: ige_w.c:257
#define IG_EntCI
Definition: ige_w.c:256
#define IG_EntPOL
Definition: ige_w.c:245
#define IG_EntLN
Definition: ige_w.c:243
#define IG_EntMR
Definition: ige_w.c:258
#define IG_EntPS
Definition: ige_w.c:248
#define IG_EntSUR
Definition: ige_w.c:253
#define IG_EntBS
Definition: ige_w.c:254
#define IG_EntELL
Definition: ige_w.c:247
#define IG_EntPLN
Definition: ige_w.c:246
#define IG_EntCCV
Definition: ige_w.c:244
#define IG_EntMD
Definition: ige_w.c:259
#define IG_EntBND
Definition: ige_w.c:252
#define IG_EntSRU
Definition: ige_w.c:249
long IG_TrInd
int IG_Pa1[9]
int IG_Pa2[9]
char IGlnD1[88]
char IGlnD2[88]
int IG_mode =0
Circ IGE_ci1
CurvElli IGE_el1
ExpObj* expTab
long expTabSiz
long expNr
long expInd
int IG_modNr
ModPos IG_modTab[IG_modMax]
int* IG_subObjTab
int IG_subObjNr