gCAD3D 2.40
gui_gtk2/gtk_ed.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  GIO_WinEd
struct  GIO_Win__


long GUI_Ed_getCpos (GIO_WinEd *text)
int GUI_Ed_Write (GIO_WinEd *text, char *txbuf, long *txlen, long maxlen)
void GUI_Ed_Focus (GIO_WinEd *wTx)
void GUI_Ed_Init (void *parent, GIO_WinEd *wTx, void *funcnam, int mode)

Function Documentation

long GUI_Ed_getCpos ( GIO_WinEd text)
int GUI_Ed_Write ( GIO_WinEd text,
char *  txbuf,
long *  txlen,
long  maxlen 
void GUI_Ed_Focus ( GIO_WinEd wTx)
void GUI_Ed_Init ( void *  parent,
GIO_WinEd wTx,
void *  funcnam,
int  mode