gCAD3D 2.40
dxf_w.c File Reference

write DXF More...

#include <math.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "../ut/ut_geo.h"
#include "../ut/ut_txt.h"
#include "../ut/ut_TX.h"
#include "../ut/ut_os.h"
#include "../ut/ut_memTab.h"
#include "../gr/ut_DL.h"
#include "../gr/ut_GL.h"
#include "../gr/ut_gr.h"
#include "../ut/func_types.h"
#include "../ut/gr_types.h"
#include "../gr/tess_su.h"
#include "../db/ut_DB.h"
#include "../xa/xa_msg.h"
#include "../xa/xa_mem.h"
#include "../xa/xa.h"


#define DXFW_VERSION   "gCAD3D-DXFW 2016-03-11"
#define SIZ_SMTAB   1000


 typedef_MemTab (int)
static MemTab (int)
int DXFW__ (char *fnam)
int DXFW_prolog ()
int DXFW_blk_ini ()
int dxfw_ELLIPSE (CurvElli *cv1, FILE *fp_in)
int dxfw_SPLINE (CurvBSpl *cv1, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_VERTEX3 (int typ, Point *pti, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_VERTEX2 (int typ, Point2 *pti, FILE *fp_in)
int dxfw_hd_POLYLINE (FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_CI (Circ *ci1, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_fl_out (int recID, double fVal, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_point2 (int pnum, Point2 *point, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_point3 (int pnum, Point *point, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_vector (Vector *vc1, FILE *fp_in)
int dxfw_load_mat (Mat_4x3 m1, Vector *vz)
int DXFW_TEXT (GText *tx1, FILE *fpo)
int DXFW_DIM (Dimen *dim1, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_POLYLN2 (ObjGX *ox1, int typ, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_POLYLN3 (ObjGX *ox1, int typ, FILE *fp_in)
int DXFW_3DFACE_out (Point *p1, Point *p2, Point *p3, char *layNam, int icol)
int DXFW_3DFACE__ (ObjGX *ox1, int typ, long dbi, FILE *fpo)
int DXFW_INSERT (ObjGX *ox1, FILE *fpo)
int DXFW_ox (ObjGX *ox1, int TrInd, int typ, long dbi)
int DXFW_main ()
int DXFW_Mdl_tess (char *mdlNam)
int DXFW_tess_CB (ObjGX *oxi)
int DXFW_Mdl_gcad (int modNr)
int DXFW_cat_file (FILE *fpo, char *fnam)


Plane WC_sur_act
 the active construction-plane More...
double AP_txsiz
 Notes-Defaultsize. More...
double AP_txdimsiz
 Dimensions-Text-Defaultsize. More...
static int dxfw_subtyp
static int dxfw_errNr
static int dxfw_objNr
static FILE * fpo1

Detailed Description

write DXF

DXFW__ main entry
dxfw_load_mat make matrix for DXF-ECS

Macro Definition Documentation

#define DXFW_VERSION   "gCAD3D-DXFW 2016-03-11"
#define SIZ_SMTAB   1000

Function Documentation

typedef_MemTab ( int  )
static MemTab ( int  )
int DXFW__ ( char *  fnam)

export as DXF Input:

int DXFW_prolog ( )
int DXFW_blk_ini ( )
int dxfw_ELLIPSE ( CurvElli cv1,
FILE *  fp_in 
int dxfw_SPLINE ( CurvBSpl cv1,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_VERTEX3 ( int  typ,
Point pti,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_VERTEX2 ( int  typ,
Point2 pti,
FILE *  fp_in 
int dxfw_hd_POLYLINE ( FILE *  fp_in)
int DXFW_CI ( Circ ci1,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_fl_out ( int  recID,
double  fVal,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_point2 ( int  pnum,
Point2 point,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_point3 ( int  pnum,
Point point,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_vector ( Vector vc1,
FILE *  fp_in 
int dxfw_load_mat ( Mat_4x3  m1,
Vector vz 
int DXFW_TEXT ( GText tx1,
FILE *  fpo 
int DXFW_DIM ( Dimen dim1,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_POLYLN2 ( ObjGX ox1,
int  typ,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_POLYLN3 ( ObjGX ox1,
int  typ,
FILE *  fp_in 
int DXFW_3DFACE_out ( Point p1,
Point p2,
Point p3,
char *  layNam,
int  icol 
int DXFW_3DFACE__ ( ObjGX ox1,
int  typ,
long  dbi,
FILE *  fpo 
int DXFW_INSERT ( ObjGX ox1,
FILE *  fpo 
int DXFW_ox ( ObjGX ox1,
int  TrInd,
int  typ,
long  dbi 
int DXFW_main ( )
int DXFW_Mdl_tess ( char *  mdlNam)
int DXFW_tess_CB ( ObjGX oxi)
int DXFW_Mdl_gcad ( int  modNr)
int DXFW_cat_file ( FILE *  fpo,
char *  fnam 
* MICROSOFT-BUG: you may not write into a file opened in dll with core-function
* UTX_cat_file add file into open fileunit
* add file

Variable Documentation

Plane WC_sur_act

the active construction-plane

die aktive Plane

double AP_txsiz


double AP_txdimsiz



int dxfw_subtyp
int dxfw_errNr
int dxfw_objNr
FILE* fpo1