gCAD3D 2.40
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2  int dxf_ckFileFormat (char *fnam);
4  int dxfr_init (double*, FILE*, FILE*);
5  int dxfr_rec__ (ObjGX **, FILE*, FILE*, Memspc*);
6  int dxfr_rec_read (FILE *, FILE *);
7  int dxfr_block_skip (FILE *, FILE *);
8  int dxfr_block_find (FILE *, FILE *, char *);
9  ObjGX* dxfr_stru_2_obj (int typ, int form, int siz, void* data);
11  void dxfr_load_mat (Mat_4x3, Vector*);
12  void dxfr_tra_arc (Circ*, Mat_4x3, Point*, double, double, double);
14 //=============== EOF ====================0
int typ
Definition: xa_tra.c:151
3D-circle, Typ_CI
Definition: ut_geo.h:410
Definition: ut_geo.h:242
double Mat_4x3[3][4]
Typ_M4x3 size 96.
Definition: ut_geo.h:151
ObjGX * dxfr_stru_2_obj(int typ, int form, int siz, void *data)
int dxf_ckFileFormat(char *fnam)
Definition: dxf_r.c:1048
int dxfr_init(double *dTab, FILE *fp_in, FILE *fp1)
Definition: dxf_r.c:1101
3D-point, Typ_PT
Definition: tessbug1.c:66
3D-vector, Typ_VC
Definition: tst_glDrawElements1.c:58
void dxfr_tra_arc(Circ *ci1, Mat_4x3 m1, Point *ptc, double wa, double we, double crd)
Definition: dxf_r.c:2912
int dxfr_block_find(FILE *fp_in, FILE *fp1, char *BlockNam)
Definition: dxf_r.c:1241
int dxfr_rec_read(FILE *fp_in, FILE *fp1)
Definition: dxf_r.c:1406
int dxfr_rec__(ObjGX **el, FILE *fp_in, FILE *fp1, Memspc *wrkSpc)
Definition: dxf_r.c:1497
void dxfr_load_mat(Mat_4x3, Vector *)
Definition: dxf_ut.c:332
int dxfr_block_skip(FILE *fp_in, FILE *fp1)
Definition: dxf_r.c:1372
Typ_Memspc (a class for variable-length-records in memory)
Definition: ut_umem.h:32