gCAD3D 2.40


gui/ ckitgui-libs: linkfiles, common functions

gui/gui_base.c                           source    GraficalUserInterface internal functions, common for gtk2,gtk3

gui_gtk3/ GUI-functions for Gtk3

gui_gtk3/gtk_base.c                      source    window, boxes, Basefunctions
gui_gtk3/gtk_label.c                     source    backgroundtext
gui_gtk3/gtk_button.c                    source    button, checkbox
gui_gtk3/gtk_menu.c                      source    menus
gui_gtk3/gtk_entry.c                     source    Entry (input)
gui_gtk3/gtk_image.c                     source    image, button with image, tutorial
gui_gtk3/gtk_dlg_files.c                 source    File-open/save
gui_gtk3/gtk_dlg_std.c                   source    standard-dialogs, msgbox, slider, color-selection, license-info
gui_gtk3/gtk_msgWin.c                    source    messagewindow
gui_gtk3/gtk_lists.c                     source    lists with 1 or 2 columns
gui_gtk3/gtk_multichoice.c               source    radiobuttons, popup, combo
gui_gtk3/gtk_container.c                 source    frame, notebook, paned boxes, toolbox
gui_gtk3/gtk_tree_it.c                   source    treeview with icon + text
gui_gtk3/gtk_ed1.c                       source    texteditor
gui_gtk3/gtk_opengl.c                    source    OpenGL-window
gui_gtk3/gtk_gl_x11.c                    source    Gtk-binding OpenGL Unix