gCAD3D 2.40
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1 /*
3 Modifications:
4 2001-06-05 Portierung Unix
6 needs ut_geo.h
8 */
14 #define APT_ind_INC 2500 // siz of NC_stat__
15 #define NC_UPLISTSIZ 100 // siz of NC_up_tab
18 typedef struct {Point2 actPos; long lNr;
19  unsigned tlNr:16, rpd:1, unused:15;} NC_recTyp;
21 typedef struct {Ditto ditt; Point2 ditEnd; long lNr;
22  char cNam[32], mode;} NC_up_rec;
27 void WC_Init_all (int);
28 void WC_Init ();
29 void WC_Init_ObjG2 (ObjG2*);
30 void WC_Init_Tol ();
31 void WC_EOF ();
32 int WC_PP_open (int mode);
34 void WC_setDisp3D (int);
35 int NC_setRefsys (int);
36 void NC_setGrafAtt (int AttInd);
37 void NC_set_actPos (Point2*);
38 int WC_set_obj_stat (int stat);
40 // int WC_actPos_reset (int lNr);
41 // int APT_disp_hili (int lNr);
42 // int APT_disp_reset (int lNr);
44 void APT_Init ();
45 void APT_Reset ();
47 int WC_Work__ (int, char*);
48 int WC_Work1 (int, char*);
49 int APT_work_def (char*, char**);
50 int APT_work_NCCmd (char*, char**);
51 int APT_work_AppCodTab (char*, char**);
53 int APT_Lay_add(int layNr,int aus_anz,char* sptr,int* aus_typ,double* aus_tab);
55 int APT_UP_up (char);
56 int APT_UP_down ();
59 int APT_stack_NCCmd (char* buf, int);
61 int APT_input_get (char*);
63 int APT_ausg_NCCmd (int);
64 int APT_ausg_chTool (char*);
66 int APT_PP_Write_Lin (Point*);
67 int APT_PP_Write_Cir (Circ*);
68 int APT_PP_Write ();
69 void APT_PP_FROM ();
73 double APT_transl_rad (double);
75 // int APT_disp_obj (ObjG2*, int, double);
76 int APT_disp_SymB (int typ, int att, Point* pt1);
77 void APT_disp_SymV (int, int att, Point2*, double);
78 void APT_disp_SymV1 (int, int att, Point*, double);
79 void APT_disp_SymV2 (int, int att, Point*, Point*, double);
80 void APT_disp_SymV3 (int, int att, Point*, Vector*, double);
81 void APT_disp_TxtA (int, Point*, char*);
82 // void APT_disp_TxtG (int typ,Point* pt1,float size,float angle,char* txt);
83 // void APT_disp_Vec (int att, long, Point*, Vector*);
84 void APT_disp_ln (Point2*, Point2*, int, double, double);
85 void APT_disp_ac (ObjG2*, int, double);
86 // void APT_disp_cv (ObjG2*, int, double);
87 void APT_disp_nam (int, long, void*);
89 void APT_DrawDimen (int typ, long apt_ind, ObjGX *dim1);
90 void APT_DrawTxtG (int typ, long apt_ind, GText *tx1);
91 // void APT_DrawTxtA (int typ, long apt_ind, GText *tx1);
92 void APT_DrawPoint (int, long, Point *);
93 void APT_DrawLine (int, long, Line *);
94 void APT_DrawCirc (int, long, Circ *);
95 void APT_DrawCurv (int, long, ObjGX *, double, Memspc*);
96 int APT_DrawModel (int, long, ModelRef *);
97 // void APT_DrawRFac (int, ObjG2 *,double,ObjG2 *,double);
98 int APT_DrawSur (int typ, long apt_ind);
99 int APT_DrawSol (int typ, long apt_ind);
100 int APT_DrawPln (int typ, long objInd, Plane *pl1);
104 void APT_curv2ptArr (Point2*, int*, ObjG2*);
106 int PP_up_list (NC_up_rec **upAct, char* macnam, int workmode);
108 // int WC_ask_WC_mode ();
109 // Point2 WC_ask_actPos ();
110 // ObjG2 WC_ask_actObj ();
111 // double WC_ask_actZsur ();
112 // double WC_ask_Zsur2 ();
113 // double WC_ask_Zsur1 ();
115 double WC_ask_ModSiz ();
118 void APT_get_dreh (int *, double *, double);
121 //int WC_ask_geo ();
123 //=============== END OF nc_main.h =============================
void APT_DrawCurv(int att, long dbi, ObjGX *cv1, double zval, Memspc *tbuf1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:10303
int typ
Definition: xa_tra.c:151
int PP_up_list(NC_up_rec **upAct, char *macnam, int workmode)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9977
void APT_curv2ptArr(Point2 *pta, int *ianz, ObjG2 *o1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:10428
int APT_disp_SymB(int symTyp, int att, Point *pt1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9586
void APT_Init()
Definition: NC_Main.c:1182
int APT_PP_Write_Lin(Point *)
Definition: NC_Main.h:21
int APT_UP_up(char src)
Definition: NC_Main.c:7155
void WC_EOF()
Definition: NC_Main.c:1364
3D-plane, Typ_PLN
Definition: ut_geo.h:637
int APT_DrawSol(int iatt, long apt_ind)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9376
void APT_DrawDimen(int typ, long apt_ind, ObjGX *dim1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9257
void WC_Init_ObjG2(ObjG2 *)
int APT_PP_Write_Cir(Circ *)
long objInd
Definition: ut_gr.c:302
void WC_setDisp3D(int mode)
Definition: NC_Main.c:1433
long lNr
Definition: NC_Main.h:21
void APT_disp_TxtA(int typ, Point *pt1, char *txt)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9507
3D-line, Typ_LN
Definition: ut_geo.h:367
char mode
Definition: xa_tra.c:152
void APT_disp_SymV1(int typ, int att, Point *p1, double scale)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9631
3D-circle, Typ_CI
Definition: ut_geo.h:410
int APT_PP_Write()
int APT_work_def(char *cmdIn, char **data)
Definition: NC_Main.c:3299
int APT_stack_NCCmd(char *buf, int)
Definition: ut_geo.h:242
int APT_DrawSur(int att, long apt_ind)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9440
int WC_set_obj_stat(int stat)
Definition: NC_Main.c:961
char stat
Definition: xa_tra.c:152
model reference; Typ_Model
Definition: ut_geo.h:835
void APT_Reset()
Definition: NC_Main.c:1342
static Point pt1
Definition: DemoPlugin_Dialog.c:85
void APT_disp_SymV2(int typ, int att, Point *pt1, Point *pt2, double scale)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9652
internal submodel (block); Typ_Ditto
Definition: ut_geo.h:801
Point actPos
Definition: prc_cut1__.c:127
int APT_Lay_add(int layNr, int aus_anz, char *sptr, int *aus_typ, double *aus_tab)
Definition: NC_Main.c:10502
int APT_UP_down()
Definition: NC_Main.c:7190
void APT_DrawPoint(int Typ, long dbi, Point *pt1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:10148
grafic text; Typ_GTXT
Definition: ut_geo.h:748
void WC_Init()
Definition: NC_Main.c:1161
int APT_work_NCCmd(char *, char **)
int WC_PP_open(int mode)
int APT_ausg_chTool(char *)
double * aus_tab
double APT_transl_rad(double rad_in)
Definition: NC_Main.c:8746
void APT_DrawTxtG(int iAtt, long apt_ind, GText *tx1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9273
void APT_disp_SymV(int typ, int att, Point2 *pt1, double scale)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9610
Definition: NC_Main.h:18
int APT_DrawModel(int typ, long apt_ind, ModelRef *mod1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9461
long lNr
Definition: NC_Main.h:18
void WC_Init_Tol()
Definition: NC_Main.c:1080
void APT_get_dreh(int *Dreh, double *rad_o, double rad_i)
Definition: NC_Main.c:10087
3D-point, Typ_PT
Definition: tessbug1.c:66
void APT_DrawCirc(int Typ, long dbi, Circ *ci1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:10223
int APT_input_get(char *)
char mode
Definition: NC_Main.h:22
int WC_Work1(int lNr, char *cbuf)
Definition: NC_Main.c:2579
3D-vector, Typ_VC
Definition: tst_glDrawElements1.c:58
int WC_Work__(int lNr, char *cbuf)
Definition: NC_Main.c:2024
void APT_PP_FROM()
2D-point, Typ_PT2
Definition: ut_geo.h:190
Point2 APT_rotate3(Point *ptin)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9004
int APT_work_AppCodTab(char *cmd, char **data)
Definition: NC_Main.c:4527
void APT_disp_nam(int typ, long ind, void *e1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9870
void NC_set_actPos(Point2 *posU)
Definition: NC_Main.c:1450
void APT_disp_SymV3(int typ, int att, Point *pt1, Vector *vc1, double scale)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9715
int APT_DrawPln(int typ, long dbi, Plane *pl1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9419
Definition: ut_geo.h:298
Point2 APT_transl2(Point2 *ptin)
Definition: NC_Main.c:8849
int APT_ausg_NCCmd(int)
void APT_disp_ln(Point2 *pt1, Point2 *pt2, int attInd, double zval1, double zval2)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9743
void WC_Init_all(int mode)
Definition: NC_Main.c:975
void NC_setGrafAtt(int AttInd)
Definition: NC_Main.c:1477
int * aus_typ
double WC_ask_ModSiz()
Definition: NC_Main.c:10136
Typ_Memspc (a class for variable-length-records in memory)
Definition: ut_umem.h:32
int NC_setRefsys(int RefInd)
Definition: NC_Main.c:1508
void APT_DrawLine(int iAtt, long dbi, Line *ln1)
Definition: NC_Main.c:10177
void APT_disp_ac(ObjG2 *objU, int attInd, double zval)
Definition: NC_Main.c:9772