gCAD3D 2.40
provides functions for -
import and export of cad-models and pictures (bitmaps)
creation of geometrical objects
NC-working, direct and programcontrolled
preparation of data (building contours ..)
analysis of data
all objects can be connected with interactions
add-on-programs (plugins)
remote control
The creation of geometrical elements / NC-programs can be done by -
interactively generated geometrical objects or
manually generated command texts or by
import modules (Dxf, Iges, Step ..) or by
data file created by external program or by
special import processors (user programs)
Interactions connect to geometric objects can -
load models (like HTML - HREF)
activate userprograms (plugins)
modify the view
modify modelparameters dynamically
The data can be exported from the program by -
export modules ((Dxf, Iges, Vrml, Svg ..)
Standard - ISO - post processor
specialized export functions (user programs)
the system format APT3D (ASCII text format)
The program interface makes possible -
The creation and analysis of geometry Objects
interactive dialogue functions (selections..)
automatic compiling, link and reload at execution time
Linux Prerequisites:
for modifications of gCAD3D:
gcc, ctags, build-essential.
(eg sudo apt-get install build-essential)
for modifications of the gui-system C-KIT-GUI-GTK:
Gtk-development-files (libgtk-3-dev and/or libgtk2.0-dev),
OpenGL-development-files (eg mesa-common-dev, libglu1-mesa-dev).
Installation of gtk3-development-files; eg for debian-os:
sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-dev
sudo apt-get install libgtk-3-doc
sudo apt-get install gtk-3-examples
Installation of gtk2-development-files; eg for debian-os:
sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev
sudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-doc
sudo apt-get install gtk2.0-examples
for modification of the documentation:
for building debian-package:
fakeroot, lintian
Linux Install from git-repository:
# If possible: prefer installation from git-repository.
# start commandline (eg gnome-terminal)
mkdir devel
cd devel
# get all files into ~/devel/gcad3d/*
git clone https://github.com/gcad3d/gcad3d
Linux Install from zipfile:
# start commandline (eg gnome-terminal)
mkdir devel
cd devel
# get all files into ~/devel/gcad3d/*
cp xxx/gCAD3D_x.xx-src.zip .
unzip gCAD3D_x.xx-src.zip
cd gcad3d
mkdir -p binLinux32/plugins
mkdir -p binLinux64/plugins
Linux Build:
Setup environment:
The development environment is using the directories DIR_DEV and DIR_BIN.
cp $HOME/devel/gcad3d/devconf_git.sh $HOME/.
Edit devconf_git.sh if necessary and execute.
. $HOME/devconf_git.sh
# rebuild application gcad3d:
# goto APP-directory
cd ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/src/APP/
# build gui-lib for gtk2
./do gui-gtk2
# build gui-lib for gtk3
./do gui-gtk3
# build gcad3d-core
./do c
# build gcad3d-coreLibs
./do all
# build gcad3d-plugins
./do allDemos
# now the application is complete.
# test it (start gcad3d)
# ReCreate development-documentation (doxygen must be installed):
cd ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/doc
# view development-documentation:
xdg-open ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/doc/gcad/index.htm
# create source-package ((${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/packages/gCAD3D_<version>-src.zip)
# create doc-package (${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/packages/gCAD3D-doc-#.##.zip)
# (user-doc and dev-doc)
# create debian-package (binary, gCAD3D-#.##-bin-xxxxx.deb):
cd ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/debian
# create rpm-package (binary, gcad3d-#.##-1.<$HOSTTYPE>.rpm):
cd ${DIR_DEV}gcad3d/rpm
# Script "do" has predefined functions; get infos with:
./do help
# optional:
# test to rebuild a plugin:
./do Demo_gui1.mak
# If you are using vim: jump into functions with tagfiles:
# in directory APP_tests tagfiles can be used with vim.
# Add in .vimrc:
let tagfiles = system("ls -m *.tag |sed \"s/ //g\"")
"echo tagfiles
let &tags = substitute(tagfiles, "\n", "", "g")
# Using tagfiles:
cd ~/devel/gcad3d/src/APP
vi -t UME_init
# or use "Ctr-R" inside vim with cursor over function, Ctrl-O = back.
# Use cscope with:
cd ~/devel/gcad3d/src/APP
update EDITOR in file ~/devel/gcad3d/src/APP/ed.
Linux Uninstall:
cd ~/devel
rm -rf gcad3d
for using gCAD3D:
nothing; all necessary libs are included.
for modifications of gCAD3D:
MS-C-Compiler (gcc or MS-Visual-C (C++, Express); eg VS-2010)
OpenGL32.lib, Glu32.lib (Microsoft SDKs)
optional: get the gtk-dokumentation from www.gtk.org.
// You will need a commandshell with the correct compiler-environment.
// You can use the Visual-Studio-Commandwindow or cmd.exe; e.g. for VC8:
"C:\Programme\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\vsvars32.bat"
// or for VC9:
// or for VC10 - start a commandwindow with:
%comspec% /k ""C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\vcvarsall.bat"" x86
// Test MS-compiler with:
cl /?
for creating new MS-Win-install-package:
NSIS-installer / uninstaller from Nullsoft (http://nsis.sf.net)
%ProgramFiles%\NSIS\NSIS.chm // see help-file in cmd-window
MS-Windows install the binary package (Win-XP Win7 Win8):
selfextracting (NSIS-installer).
The registry is never affected / modified.
MS-Windows install the source package from zip-file (Win-XP Win7 Win8):
// start commandshell (cmd);
// Create new directory %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%/devel
%HOMEDRIVE% // activate the homedrive
cd %HOMEPATH% // goto homepath
mkdir devel // create new directory
cd devel // goto %HOMEPATH%/devel
// Extract the package gCAD3D_#.##-src.zip into this directory
unzip gCAD3D_#.##-src.zip
Update definiton-file gCAD3D.def
// create new file gCAD3D.def in Linux (from linux-executable):
// or update gCAD3D.def manually.
%HOMEDRIVE% // activate the homedrive
cd %HOMEPATH%\devel\gcad3d\src\APP
do c // reCreate exe
do gui // reCreate gui-lib
do help // disp help for do.bat
Create MS-Win-install-package (binary, gCAD3D-#.##-win32.exe)
cd %HOMEPATH%\devel\gcad3d\pack_MS
// view documentation:
cd %HOMEPATH%\devel\gcad3d
hh doc\gcad\index.htm
2018-06-07 V2.40 Bugfixes, preparations for "watertight". RF.
2017-04-18 V2.35 Bugfixes, preparations for "watertight". RF.
2016-10-05 V2.34 Bugfixes. RF.
2016-05-12 V2.32 new: export jpg, pdf. RF.
2016-03-16 V2.30 Demo_toolbar2, DXF-export BLOCKS, bugfixes. RF.
2015-08-21 V2.28 Demo_toolbar1, Demo_appDat1, UNDO-plugin, bugfixes. RF.
2015-06-22 V2.26 Bugfixes. RF.
2015-03-14 V2.25 MS-Win version added to git. RF.
// EOF