How to install gCAD3D on non-debian-systems:

# Before you start check that you have ar installed. it is in the binutils package.
# open console-window as normal user

# create your new base-directory -
# all files will be copied into this directory; some files need execute-permission
mkdir ~/gcad_base
cd ~/gcad_base
export instDir=`pwd`

# copy the install-package (64-bit-version) now into the current directory:
cp /(downloadDir)/gCAD3D-2.*-Linux64.deb .
# or the 32-bit-version:
cp /(downloadDir)/gCAD3D-2.*-linux-x86.deb .

# extract control.tar.gz and data.tar.gz from package:
ar vx gCAD3D-*.deb

# extract preinst and postinst and prerm:
tar -xvzf control.tar.gz

# extract all data-files into the current directory
tar -xvzf data.tar.gz

# The following commands must be executed as root on any system.
# Use either sudo or a root terminal..

# create link for executables for 32-bit or 64 bit system:
sudo ln -s ${instDir}/usr/lib/gCAD3D /usr/lib/gCAD3D

# create link for icons and examples:
sudo ln -s ${instDir}/usr/share/gcad3d /usr/share/gcad3d

# create link for doc:
sudo ln -s ${instDir}/usr/share/doc/gcad3d /usr/share/doc/gcad3d

# create soft link for startscript:
sudo ln -s ${instDir}/usr/bin/gcad3d /usr/bin/gcad3d

# make startscript executable
sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/gcad3d

chmod +x ${instDir}/usr/bin/gcad3d

# create link to xa_gui.so
sudo ./postinst

# You can start gCAD3D now with "gcad3d"
# If necessary, you have to set gcad_dir_bas in /usr/share/gcad3d.

# uninstall:
sudo ./prerm
# if you want to remove all data (modelfiles) also:
rm -rf ~/gCAD3D