FotoText adds text below a foto.
The text must be given with a editor (gedit).
The text stays in file .txt.
The text is not inserted into the foto as exif-data.
The original foto is moved into a subdirectory "Original".
Text is automatically separated in lines with appropriate length.
A new Foto with the text below is created.

- display of the text exactly below the foto with eog
- simple searches with grep in the textfiles.
- fastest way to create/modify text.

Supported OS: Linux, tested with Ubuntu 14.04.
At the moment only images .jpg or .jpeg or .JPG are supported.

The license is GPL-3.



eog, gedit, zenity, ImageMagick (convert,identify)


# creates ~/.FotoText^
cd ~/.FotoText
cc -o FotoText FotoText.c

sudo cp FotoText.plugin /usr/lib/eog/plugins/.
sudo cp /usr/lib/eog/plugins/.

# Activate the FotoText-plugin in EOG
Start eog; Edit/Preferences/Plugins, select FotoText


Select the image in the filebrowser; eogi comes up; key "E";
- the editor comes up; key text, close and leave editor (Ctrl-S, Ctrl-Q);
- the modified image is desplayed.
  The original image is moved into subDirecory Original/.

Start FotoText from commandline:
- select directory to update;
  all text from textfiles is added to imagefiles with same filenames.
  The original images are moved into subDirecory Original/.